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The Deschambeau Family

This December is especially exciting because Community Key is giving out cheques to three families!

One of the families was Jessica Deschambeau, a single mom, and her daughter Cali. Cali was diagnosed with complex mastoiditis at the age of one and underwent major surgery to remove her mastoid bone before the bacteria would spread.

She is five years old now. The infection that was originally thought to be completely removed, remains in her jaw bone. Cali will now have to undergo more surgeries, specifically facial reconstructive surgeries so that her jaw can function properly.

In addition to Cali’s medical situation, Jessica could not keep up with her two jobs and has missed numerous days of work having to take care and be there for Cali. This, of course, is creating financial stresses for Jessica because she still has to keep up with all her expenses.

Shortly after receiving Jessica’s application, we had one of our volunteers in Edmonton deliver a cheque on behalf of Community Key. The amount covered two months of rent, but more importantly, let her spend more time by her daughter’s side.


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