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The Cervera Family

It's every parent's worse nightmare to hear their child was involved in an accident. That nightmare happened for Patricia and Eugenio Cervera when their son, Lucas, experienced a traumatic accident that nearly took his life.

Lucas and his friends were riding in the bed of a pick-up truck when Lucas fell out when the driver accelerated. When the driver realized what had happened, he reversed the vehicle and then proceeded forward, accidentally running Lucas over twice with the rear tires.

Lucas was rushed to Calgary Foothills Hospital with severe damage to his upper body, specifically his head and neck. Lucas suffered major head trauma and was in a coma for 10 days, 100% dependent on life support. Lucas had brain surgery a few hours after being admitted, but unfortunately, they had to stop the surgery as his vital signs were too weak to continue. Lucas is on the road to recovery but will require assistance for the rest of his life.

Lucas’ parents, Patricia and Eugenio, have devoted all their time to be close to Lucas. With no other family in Canada and only a small support group available, the financial stress was unbearable. Thanks to the help of Community Key, the Cervera family was able to take a breath and focus on Lucas’ recovery.

You can continue to help the Cervera family on their GoFundMe Page.

Update March 2020

Lucas has been making amazing progress! He has the his tracheotomy removed and has moved into the rehabilitation unit. He's begun feeding himself and has been working hard on walking again. This is fabulous news! Thank you to the Cervera family for sharing.


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