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Helping the Regala Family

When Cherry May and Ryan welcomed their third child into the world, they were met with news no parents want to hear: their child was sick.

At the end of April 2022, two-month old Sofia endured a coronary artery aneurysm. She was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. This disease causes swelling in the walls of small to medium-sized blood vessels in children that carry blood throughout the body.

Kawasaki disease commonly leads to inflammation of the coronary arteries, which supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart.

Sofia is currently in hospital in critical condition with an unexpected release date.

As with any family, this news completely caught the family by surprise. Cherry May has not left Sofia’s bedside, effectively leaving her job as a dayhome operator.

Ryan has also stopped working to take care of their other two children, depleting their savings to do so.

In such a dire situation, we knew we needed to help little Sofia and the Regala family. At the end of May 2022, we assisted with the family’s housing payment so they could focus on taking care of their children.

We’re passing our strength to little Sofia and hope she will be able to come home soon.

We would also like to thank everyone who has made helping the Regala family possible. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you.


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