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The Sears Family

The holidays are about giving to those we love and celebrating family. And, we could not be more honoured to extend our Community Key family to Charlotte and Ben Sears.

Ben & Charlotte Sears

Charlotte was born with severe hearing disabilities and by the age of four, was diagnosed with Leukemia. She has been in and out of the hospital since her birth and is currently being treated in the BC Children's Hospital Foundation with her family residing in Surrey. However, Charlotte has not been the only one who has been in the hospital for treatments.

Earlier this year, Charlotte's mother and Ben's wife, passed away from breast cancer. Ben had to leave his job to take on a full-time caregiver role for Charlotte. Without a job and other savings to lean on, it’s been challenging for Ben to make mortgage payments.

Quantus Mortgage Solutions' own Chad Eliason - Mortgage Broker and Danielle Walker of Merix met with Ben and Charlotte earlier this week to surprise the family with a cheque to help with mortgage payments--and just one more surprise.

Danielle and fellow Merix Financial colleague Danielle Walker also purchased a few Christmas presents for Charlotte!

“What an unbelievable experience. Charlotte is beyond sweet. Spending time with her and Ben was so humbling. I will keep Charlotte in my prayers daily and look forward to updates from Ben. I have promised Charlotte I will stay in touch.”

-- Danielle W.

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