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Community Key 2024 Softball Tournament: A Grand Slam

We are still in awe at the show of support we received last week (June 21) at the annual Community Key Softball Tournament.

Alongside Quantus Mortgage Solutions, real estate industry friends, and colleagues, we had an incredible day at Calgary Industrial Diamonds raising money and awareness for Community Key.

Let the Games Begin

The tournament excitement began at The Hidden Spot YYC with an opening ceremony that set the stage for some serious competition.

Attendees played in The Hidden Spot Olympics, where they had to participate in five games in an attempt to get the highest score possible (or lowest, depending on the game).

Community Key co-founder, Paul Bojakli, couldn't resist the allure of the games, especially the Punching Bag. He was spotted spending his dollars in a fierce battle to beat his top score. Sadly, he still couldn’t beat out the top score from Quantus broker Donray Santiago.

After tallying all the scores, we had six total winners for the evening.

Top 3 Men

1. Donray Santiago, Mortgage Broker, Quantus - 899

2. Eric Charney, Underwriter, Quantus - 887

3. Jason Boyd, FCT, Business Development Manager, - 793

Lowest men’s score and overall score on the Motorcycle Game (1:21)

Top 3 Women

1. Allorah Ostoici, Mortgage Broker, Quantus  - 841

2. Jaiden Jensen, Mortgage Broker, Quantus - 774

3. Jacqueline Jeffries, Mortgage Broker, Quantus - 680

Lowest women’s score on the Motorcycle Game (1:21:23)

Tournament Day Triumphs

Walking up to the perfect day for a tournament, six determined teams took to the field, each with their eyes on the prize. 

We were able to capture some incredible highlight-worthy moments thanks to volunteers Abby Fralic and Trista Delamont, who worked behind the cameras all day. 

Before we get into the final, we need to provide a little history about this tournament. Over 15 years ago, Quantus co-owners, Paul Bojakli and Todd Fralic, would bring the team together for a quarterly sales meeting. After the meeting was done, the team took to the diamonds to play the rest of the day.

Since that first game, the tournament has become something of a legend in the mortgage industry, with the co-owners battling each year to win the QMS Invitational Cup.

However, three years ago, the QMS was changed to CK when the tournament became a pillar fundraiser for the charity. While the name may have changed, the fight between Paul and Todd for the cup didn’t…until this year.

The Final Showdown

New to the game this year were two mortgage lender and industry teams headed up by Tiffany Pedersen, Director, Western Canada Sales of Strive Capital (Team Blue) and Rio Pisony, Principal & Owner of The Rio Deal Inc. (Team Green).

In a twist no one saw coming, it came down to a nail-biting point difference between Todd's team and Rio’s for who entered the finals with Team Blue. This was a huge moment because, for the first time in over 15 years, neither Paul nor Todd would step onto the field for the final game. 

It was a shake-up we’re not sure Paul or Todd were ready for! 

The Blue Team dominated the final game, taking home the Community Key Invitational Cup and 2024 Team Champ Hats.

We have a feeling the competition next year is going to be even more exciting!

Gratitude for the Support

This event wouldn't have been possible without the incredible support from our sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who came out to cheer on the teams. Your enthusiasm and generosity made the day unforgettable.

With over 100 people in attendance and six teams playing an entire day of softball, the generosity and dedication of everyone who attended continue to surprise us.

A Big Shout-Out to Our 50/50 Champion, Quantus Mortgage Broker, Emina Kozlica! 

Not only did she hit a home run with her winning ticket prediction, but she also knocked it out of the park with her kindness. 

Emina told us when she bought her tickets that if she won the 50/50 raffle, she'd donate her winnings right back to the charity. 

Her reaction?

"Wooo hoooo! I knew it!!"

Even though her guess on the winning team didn't pan out, her spirit of giving sure scored big with us. An additional $1,000 was contributed back to Community Key.

The Community Key 2024 Softball Tournament was more than just a game; it was a celebration of sportsmanship, community, and family. 

The money raised from this event, as well as an upcoming Golf Tournament this Fall, will go to helping families with a critically injured or terminally ill child in hospital with their housing payments.

We have a long list of volunteers and committee members who deserve more recognition than we could give:

  • Jonah Torres, Operations Manager, Quantus

  • Jan Hicks, Mortgage Broker, Quantus

  • Cheryl Morrier, Mortgage Broker, Quantus

  • Rio Pisony, Owner & Principal, The Rio Deal

  • Trista Delamont

  • Abby Fralic

  • Lys Brewer, Mortgage Underwriter, Quantus

  • Chris Richards, Mortgage Broker, Quantus

  • Carola Singer, Mortgage Broker, Quantus

  • Alfred Gabriel, Mortgage Broker, Quantus

  • Ben Brewer

  • Kristy-Lynn Maxwell, Western Canada Director, Business Relationships, Verico 

Community Key Swag provided by Julie Daer Marketing

And thank you to our amazing sponsors who without them, this event would not be possible.

Diamond Sponsors

Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsors

Partner Sponsors


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