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The Henkel Family

This morning Community Key delivered a cheque to a family in need at the Children’s Hospital in Calgary. The Henkels have been staying at the hospital ever since their son Nicolas was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Board Member, Eden Simari, delivers a cheque to the Henkel Family.

One-year-old Nicolas is a true fighter. So far, he has gone through four rounds of chemotherapy and received a stem cell transplant provided by his dad.

Two weeks after arriving at the hospital in Calgary, the company that Nicolas’s dad was working for, closed their doors. Since both parents have been away from home for five months now, and have two other children in their care, this loss of income had undoubtedly created a financial strain on the family.

There is nothing we like more than helping families in this situation, so we delivered a cheque to take care of the Henkel’s next two mortgage payments.

Please help us spread the word about Community Key and the assistance we provide to families that are caring for a seriously ill or critically injured child. By helping pay mortgage or rent payments, this allows the families some relief from one of their largest financial burdens. Our aim is to assist as many families as we can, so they can focus on what is truly key – family.


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