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Meet Naiya

In September 2016, Naiya became sick with what was thought to be a common cold. She started coughing with pain in her back. A few days later, Naiya was admitted to the Stollery Children’s Hospital because she of weakness in her right arm and being dizzy.

Community Key meets Naiya and her mother in hospital.

By the early morning the following day, Naiya lost the complete function of her right arm. Doctors diagnosed her with Acute Flaccid Myelitis. This disease is thought to be caused by a viral infection, like a cold, but results in white blood cells attacking the spine and nerves.

Naiya’s a bubbly and very friendly 6-year-old who loved jumping on her trampoline, playing Barbie’s with her friends and doing crafts, all of which she is now unable to do. No 6-year-old should have to fight this battle alone. Her family has put their life on hold and her mother has had to close her business so she can stay beside Naiya.

The doctors cannot put a timeline on the recovery process because AFM is so rare and every child and case is different. For now, they take it day-by-day.

Naiya’s family was nominated by a close family friend, Jacqueline Jeffries, a supporter of Community Key and mortgage broker with Quantus Mortgage Solutions.

A small group of Community Key supporters were thrilled to visit Naiya and present her family with a cheque to pay the rent for this month.


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