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The Warren Family

Last February, Bently went for a major surgery of open airway reconstructive surgery where a graft from his rib was inserted to open his airways. He had a 10% chance of survival.

He pulled through the surgery. They thought this surgery was the last one. At that time, Bently’s Dad also left his job to be closer to his son, but he has had trouble finding work since moving back home. For a while, Bently was doing well but started having issues again.

Unfortunately, Bently will have to undergo surgery again as there is something now obstructing his airways. At this time, they are unsure of what the outcome may be. The surgery may involve removing his tonsils and adenoids.

We were able to meet with the Warren family at the Ronald MacDonald House as they arrived into Edmonton the day before Bently’s surgery that was scheduled for the following morning. This will be Bently’s eighth surgery and the third Valentine’s Day that they had spent in the hospital. One of our volunteers spent some time with Bentley and the family while delivering a cheque to them.

Bently is a tough little guy! Our hearts are with the Warren Family.


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