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The Thorson Family

"Knowing there are charities like yours to help ease some of the stress we are going through is priceless. Thank you so much for your support."

At 16, Colson was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. For Colson's mom, Alisha, it was an incredible shock.

Colson and his family received the diagnosis on Friday, February 28th, 22 agonizing day’s after his biopsy.

"What a shock it was. So many emotions. It was hard to really understand why this was happening to our family."

- Alisha Thorson

Alisha was planning on trying to work while Colson was undergoing treatment, booking off time for his first round of treatments which started March 15th. However, as the world went into isolation with COVID-19, this wasn't an option for Alisha.

After his first treatment, Colson did have a scare ending up in the hospital for a few days because of a fever. However, as of this update, Colson is receiving his last day of chemo in this cycle and has three more to go.

"The support we have received from Community Key was amazing," says Alisha. "It helped take some stress of having to worry about a rent payment means more then you know."

We are so happy to help Colson and his family during these incredibly trying times.

You can support Colson and his family on his GoFundMe Page.

Update May 2020

"Colson had a scan to see how the cancer is reacting to treatment. We are beyond thrilled to tell you the treatment is working. The cancer is going away. We were told by the oncologist that there has been a significant change and things look great."

You can follow on Colson's page here!


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