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Helping the Flavier Family

For many of us, we rarely think about the ability of our body to defend against or recover from infection. However, for three-year old Adriel-Lois, and the Flavier family, it is something that occupies their minds everyday.

In summer 2020, Adriel-Lois was diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disease. This is a genetic disorder that occurs when a type of white blood cell (phagocyte) that usually helps your body to fight infections doesn't work properly. As a result, the phagocytes can't protect your body from bacterial and fungal infections.

The only cure for this disease is a stem cell transplant.

In December 2020, Adriel-Lois received high doses of chemotherapy followed by infusion of stem cells from an unrelated donor. For the following five months, Adriel-Lois spent his time in Alberta Children’s Hospital for close monitoring of the transplant.

During those five months, Adriel-Lois’ parents, Lowell and Richard, and his sibling temporarily moved from Edmonton to Calgary. Lowell left her full-time position as a health care aid to keep up with Adriel-Lois’ appointments and care. And Richard dropped down to part-time to be with the family.

Things were looking up when Adriel-Lois was discharged to an outpatient clinic through Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. He was doing well until September 2021, here he again, received chemotherapy and a stem cell boost to save his stem cell transplant.

Unfortunately, this most recent procedure was unsuccessful.

The Flavier family and Adriel-Lois’ medical team are arranging for another full stem cell transplant from a new donor. This will require yet another lengthy stay at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary.

With another relocation to Calgary and mounting bills from Adriel-Lois’ medications and treatments, we knew we had to help. In April, we were able to deliver a cheque to help cover the family’s housing payments.

“It felt so great and we’re relieved knowing that Community Key is able to help us during this time that we are struggling financially. We greatly appreciate your help.”

We hope for nothing but success in Adriel-Lois’ next treatment! It’s a long road ahead, but with his family around him, we know he will make it through with the greatest love and support.


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