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The Swick Family

Two-year-old Douglas was diagnosed with leukaemia as well as down syndrome. He has spent the last four months at the Stollery Children's Hospital receiving intensive chemotherapy.

Douglas' mom, Rowela, single mom of three, has been off work since June 15, 2019 to take care of Douglas and the family. In order to receive the care he needs, Rowela moved with her two youngest from Peace River to Edmonton, while her 16-year-old, stays with friends.

Community Key Director, Jacqueline Jeffries visited Douglas and Rowela to deliver the cheque to help with their rent payments.

Douglas, nicknamed 'Georgie', has two more rounds of treatment. Rowela has recently rented an apartment in Edmonton however when he is in treatment, they have to stay at the hospital. That means Rowela stays in the room with her other three-year-old son too and doesn't get out much. Having a two- and three-year-old is very busy!

She appreciates the donation. She doesn't have much.

She has no friends or family in Edmonton. She finds it challenging as she can't really leave to get groceries for her other child. Her other son gets hungry so she's left getting food for him downstairs.

She explained her challenges of working as well. She is a cleaner at minimum wage and was working part time. 

However, she is staying positive. She has met other families that have down syndrome children who had cancer and now they are healthy. 

She appreciates the donation. She doesn't have much.

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