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The Sylla Family

Ibrahima Sylla and his wife are proud parents of three girls, however, the start of 2019 has turned their world upside down as their middle daughter, Raquayyah, is currently in hospital with an unknown illness.

Raquayyah was your typical healthy one-year-old; hyper, busy, and happy. But in early Spring, she started to choke on her food and experience extremity issues hindering her ability to walk. She was admitted to Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation to undergo tests to determine what was going on.

This wasn’t the only hospital visit the family made this Spring. One week after Raquayyah was admitted to hospital, Ibrahima’s wife gave birth to their third daughter. It appeared that everything was going well with Raquayyah when she began doing rehab at the Glenrose facility. However, last week Raquayyah was readmitted to Stollery as her heart rate and breathing would periodically stop. She is currently hooked up to a breathing and feeding tube while doctors try to figure out what is Raquayyah’s illness is.

Jacqueline Jeffries, Mortgage Broker and Director of Community Key met with Ibrahima and Raquayyah in Stollery last week to deliver a cheque from Community Key. He was so kind, humble, and truly grateful for the support. Ibrahima has experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows these past few months. He was laid off in March and has been unsure of what will happen next.

We are beyond honoured that we could provide support to such a deserving family.


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