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The Ehigiator Family

We have been able to help another amazing family because of your donations to Community Key!

The Ehigiator family has been through a lot since the birth of their son, Troy. Troy, 21 months old, was born with Down Syndrome and Hirschsprung’s disease. Hirschsprung’s affects the large intestine and causes problems with passing stool.

Troy needs a full-time caregiver. A role that’s been filled by his father, Jonathan. Jonathan was laid off October 2018, helping Troy and his wife, Pat, who was pregnant with twins.

Pat was ordered to bed rest until the twins were born, who decided to give a family a scare at the beginning of July when they were delivered a month early. The twin girls were small, but healthy and will join the family at home soon. It’s been difficult for Jonathan to make ends meet since he has not been able to go back to work. When Quantus Mortgage Solutions' broker Jason Roy with JMortgages visited the family, Jonathan said that the donation takes a lot of pressure off him and that they would make the money go as far as possible.

With the new twins at home, Jonathan is unsure when he will be returning to work. The family is trying to have an aunt from Nigeria come and help however the paperwork could take another three to four months. Jonathan knows that it will be a struggle, but he knows that they will find a way. Helping such deserving families is why we do what we do.

Thank you to everyone who has made this story possible.


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